Thursday, July 08, 2010

Tear Drop Therapy

For the past month I've been challenged with chronic pain, fatigue, and a complete misalignment from what feels like my entire being. After seeing the doctor and other holistic healers I'm forced to take 2 weeks off to rest, recoup, and rebuild my health.

But in this moment it feels like the only energy I have left is to cry. All I want to do is cry, like a great waterfall shedding endless tears.

I can feel the chaos of the world tossing me about like a yacht trapped in a wicked sea storm. (heck, why not be a yacht, who wants to be a dingy)

The world is shifting so rapidly and because I'm uber sensitive to energies I'm forced to keep up with the changes or be turned aside. Being this sensitive, as many are, I just wonder if other people's bodies react the way mine does?

Therefore; crying is great therapy for me. It finally occurs when my ego gets quashed and churns up my crap to the surface, allowing my vulnerability to emerge while I submit to it. I'm just not used to it happening so rapidly, it's like I can barely keep up. It can also be a painful process at times but a beautiful process. I love clearing out and I love the awakening that follows. I don't always understand what I'm supposed to do next, or even have anymore clarity, but I know I feel a deep sigh of relief while it helps me slow down, refocus, and finally breathe.

I've learned to appreciate and be grateful for my tears. I've noticed it usually happens when no one is around or available to give me hugs or encouragement...but I've learned to accept that because it's like great spirit is telling me to love myself first. I dig it. But unlike the waterfall, at some point the tears settle, the water calms are we are shown a new reflection of ourselves in the mirror.

Spiritual moral of the story: It takes great courage and strength to enjoy the tears that we all must let go of. So relish in the release.

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